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We saw a significant gap from our decades of experience leading teams in public and private companies (including LinkedIn, Twitter, Nauto and others).  Despite the wide adoption of function specific tools, such as Salesforce for sales, Zendesk for customer support, or Jira for product managers and engineers, nothing exists for the company leaders to manage a company or their teams.  We created Jelled to fill that gap.

Jelled is an enterprise productivity platform built around your company plan.  It allows the executives to define company strategies based on best practices, enables managers to organize resources and work streams, and empowers the entire organization to participate in the success of the company.  Jelled is the glue that enables leaders to operate successful teams and companies.  By applying our extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at scale, Jelled extracts real-time signals from your HRIS, Finance, Sales and Project Management tools, and surfaces actionable insights to guide the execution of the plan. We envision Jelled as a collaboration platform where the company plan is the central object, with real-time data flowing through it. This allows the teams to collaborate and scenario plan in real-time, have a single source of truth on our progress, manage risks and learn over time.
Ruslan Belkin
Co-founder and CEO of Jelled
Lei Pan
Co-founder and CTO of Jelled